Gower Goldens began in 1984 with Sweet 'N Sassy Sadie. In 1987 we had our first litter with the assistance of Ch Krisna's Hi-lite Harry. With Ginger Gotcher as a mentor, our breeding program began. I would like to pay tribute to my wonderful friend, the late Ginger Gotcher. She was devoted to the highest standards for golden retrievers. Ginger trained in obedience, conformation, and field. She was instrumental in the formation of the Austin Golden Retriever Club

Gower's Sweet Sophie was part of our first litter and became the foundation bitch. Sophie was a pointed golden, meaning she did not finish her championship but was well on her way. Sophie produced Lily, CH Ginge Gower's TGIF OD, Lizzy, Bewitched by Gower, and Britt, Gower's Bewitching Britt, who were lovely. Lily, CH Ginge Gower's TGIF OD produced Champion Scarlett. Lily was an outstanding dam, meaning that she had more than five champion offspring. Lizzy, Bewitched by Gower produced Nike, Ch Gower Ginge High Heeled Sneakers and Yeager, Gower's Breaking the Barrier, SH,WCX. Yeager is currently a deputy in the Travis Co. Sherriff's office working in cadaver searches..

Scarlett (CH. Ginge I'm No Angel) produced CH.Gowerginge Hot Fudge Sundae (Sundae), Gower's Free Spirit JH (Spree), Gower's A River Runs Free JH,WC,CD (Rio) who is also CH pointed. Gowerginge Tiramisu (Tira), another daughter, also pointed, produced CH.Gower's Love At First Sight JH,WC (Juliette), Gower's Love At First Bite SH,WCX (Mack), Gower's First Things First JH,WC. (Buster),Gower's Scent Of A Woman WC (Tango), Gower's Pawsitiv Ascent JH,WC (Rocket),and Gower's Scentimental Journey (Journey) who is CH pointed and got RWB at the Dallas/Ft Worth Specialty last March at 13 mo.

Many of our dogs have excelled in multiple fields. Our puppies receive the best prenatal care we can give. Mom's nutrition is excellent. We use a fetal monitor before delivery. One of the amazing benefits of our kennel is that the whole group helps raise the little ones. Generally, grandmother and one or two of the aunts take a very active role in helping Mom with the new arrivals. Our puppies are very much a part of the family and learn at an early age to communicate with us.



Gower Goldens is a small kennel which began in 1984. Our top priority is to breed Golden Retrievers that become an integral part of one's family and excel in whatever is asked of them. Health and temperament are most important and we guarantee puppies from our breedings. The puppies are hand-raised in our home so they are very socialized by the time they leave our family and become one with yours.

Our breeding stock has all of their clearances before being bred and much research goes into choosing the best stud dog for our girls. They have their eyes cleared yearly by a Board Certified Opthamologist, hip and elbow certification by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals and their hearts are cleared by a Board Certified Cardiologist.

Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs and deserve to become valued family members. We are proud to be a part of their world. We are members of the Golden Retriever Cub of America and active in our local Austin Golden Retriever Club. Three of our dogs are also proud members of Therapy Pet Pals Of Texas.


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